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Maman Cigogne prenatal class are for everyone, we want to share with you all the technical information available without all that technical lenguage.

This informational class will allow you to learn and understand your pregnancy, labor and postpartum challenges that may come your way.

Be prepare for all possibilities/variants that can occur during this critical time.

Be an active part during the decision making of this process…

As a Midwife, Nurse and Lactation Consultant my skills and knowledge are placed at your service.

Are you experiencing problems while your baby feeds? Is your baby agitated and giving up on the breast? Are you feeling overwhelmed?…


Nothing is impossible!! Take the first step to a successful breastfeeding story!

Hire a Lactation Consultant!!…

*For rapid attention send us a text message or via facebook @LactationMamanCigogne

JULY 07: de 10 a 4pm – FULL HOUSE!!

JULY 21: de 10 a 4pm – Register NOW!

JULY 28: de 10 a 4pm – Register NOW!

AUGUST 11: de 10 a 4pm – Register NOW!

AUGUST 25: de 10 a 4pm – Register NOW!

Flexible Schedule: Week evenings classes or weekends. Let us know your Availability.

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The full amount payment will be requested to reserve a class.

If cancellation needed, a NON-refundable deposit of $50 administration fee will be retained.


Payment options:

  1.  You can submit this form electronically with an e-transfer to;
  2. Pay with:

SQUARECREDIT card: $4.00 fee.

DEBIT card: $2.00 fee

3. Cash.


For more information:

Interac website:


To contact me:

1. Via Phone: call  514-298-7111 ( leave a msg if no answer)


2. Via email:


3. Via Facebook: @Lactationmamancigogne.


4. Instagram: Lactation_Maman_Cigogne.